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Rubenena & Roberto who renewed their marriage vows in St Mang Basilica,Füssen, Germany during Holy Mass celebrated by Father Antonio Mena.

A group of 25 Texan Pilgrims of Latinos origin celebrated Holy Mass today in the Choir-stools of St Mang Basilica. The pilgrims were on their rest-day before moving on tomorrow to view the world famous Oberammergau Passion Play. Led by Spanish Tour guide Pila the pilgrims arrived about 1315hrs in the basilica with their Priest Father Antonio Mena, who has  served the El Paso Diocese for over 30 years. He is Now Parish Priest of  San Felipe De Jesus Parish(Socorro), El Paso, Texas.

The happy couple renew their marriage vows and are blessed by Father Antonio Mena

Father Antonio celebrated the Mass in Spanish and gave his sermon in Spanish & English highlighting  the Epistle of the day and its message about following God in humility and not taking advantage of those who live in poverty.

During Holy Mass a couple called Rubenena Maria & Roberto renewed their marriage vows much to the delight and joy of the rest of the congregation!

After the Holy Mass the entire group posed for a group photo and were then given holy pictures and 2nd & 3rd class relics of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos by Seelos in Füssen 

Pila Spanish Tour Guide to the Pilgrims

Seelos in Füssen would like to thank the Spanish Tout Guide, Pila, Father Antonio Mena  and the entire group of Pilgrims for allowing us to partake in their joyous and deeply moving Holy Mass.



A group of 43 joyful and happy pilgrims from St Helen Parish Houston, Texas visited Füssen Saturday 9th July 2022 on a Pilgrimage arranged by Magnificat Travel of Lafayette, Louisiana.

Father Jim Courville celebrated Holy Mass in the choir-stools of St Mang Basilica assisted by Deacon Juan Pagen of the Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana.


Pilgrims arriving at St Mang Basilica,Füssen 

Entering St Mang Basilica

Father Jim Courville,Parish Priest of Sr Helen Catholic Church,Houston, Texas in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston  and Deacon Juan Pagan, Coordinator for the Hispanic Ministry for the Diocese of Lafayette, waiting to celebrate Holy Mass in the Choirstools of St Mang Basilica

Father Jim Courville spoke about the whole point of the Pilgrimage, to come closer to Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ through a deepening of our understanding of His Passion and crucifixion. Tomorrow the group will watch the world famous Oberammergau Passion Play which starts in the afternoon and has one break during the performance.

The Parish of Füssen had agreed to send a guide to give a tour of the Basilica but they failed to turn up.

The group at the Baptism Font where Seelos was baptised 11th January 1819

Pilgrims from St Helen Catholic Church Houston,Texas outside St Mang Basilica for a group photo

Thanks to quick thinking and forward planning Official Tour Guide Julia Woodwards had arranged with Seelos in Füssen to give the group a tour of the Basilica and Füssen showing all places associated with this "great son of Füssen".

Pilgrims on the Lech Bridge in Füssen,Germany where they took photos of the "Our Lady Of the Mountains Shrine", The St Mang Basilica and Monastery and the Franciscan Church of St Stephan.

Pilgrims outside the house where Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos was born


The pilgrims see the grave of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos`s Mother and Father and his siblings.

The pilgrims having completed their Seelos tour of Füssen get ready to board the bus to Garmisch-Partenkirchen 


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The American Pilgrims standing in front of the Seelos Door to St Mang Basilica, Füssen with Father David  in the back row and Tour Guide Carmen qith the official tour flag!

The City of Füssen welcomed Father David, a Priest of the New Orleans Diocese and his group of 27 pilgrims and their Spanish Tour Guide on Saturday 25th June 2022, the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. On what was a beautiful sunny day the joyous  pilgrims had requested to visit Füssen for the sole reason of being able to pray at the Seelos Shrine in St Mang Basilica. The group were mainly from Louisiana where Seelos is a household name to most people! Others on the Pilgrimage were 2 from DC, 2 from Memphis and 2 from San Antonio.

The pilgrims had been in Italy the previous days and had visited Rome & Assisi.

Photos Miriam Rosenthal-English

Having flown from Italy to Munich yesterday and stayed overnight, they were fortunate not encounter any traffic problems on they way to Füssen due to the G7 summit being held at Schloss Elmau near Garmisch Partenkirchen. 

The group celebrated Mass before coming to Füssen as they have to move to Garmisch tonight for their meal and overnight stay.

They had Carmen Sánchez Gil as their tour guide. This was her first time bringing a tour group to Füssen. She flew in from her home in Spain to lead the pilgrims and was the one who contacted Seelos in Füssen to give them all a guided tour of the city showing places relevant to Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos.

The Pilgrims visited Seeloshaus, and the House where Seelos lived when his father was sacristan of St Mang. They saw the Hohes Schloss, the former summer residence of the Prince Bishops of Augsburg. In St Mang Basilica they spent time in prayer in the Baptistry where the font that Seelos was baptised in is still in use today. They also put their prayer requests in at the Shrine itself. After a 30 minute break for refreshments in the city they continued on to see the former Benedictine Monastery, Our Lady of the Mountains Shrine, the Holy Ghost Hospital Chapel. Finally they walked the street where he was born and took photos outside the house he was born in. 

So having refreshed their spiritual batteries at the Shrine of Blessed Seelos tomorrow the have a police escort at 0930hrs from Garmisch to Oberammergau where they will watch the world famous Passion Play starting at 1430hrs. We just pray that their tour guide Carmen manages to find a Holy Mass for them all to attend!

U.S.Seelos Pilgrimages 2010-2011

A group of 50 Americans from Louisiana and Texas are on a 16 day tour of Shrines in Germany,Belgium and France. The "Come Holy Spirit  Pilgrimage-Retreat" is the 15th Annual Pilgrimage with Father Manny Fernandez and it kicked off in St Mang Basilica,Füssen on Monday 9th June 2008.Father Emmanuel Fernandez,Parish Priest of St Stephan in Berwick,LA,USA, celebrated Mass in English for the Pilgrims. 
During his sermon at the opening Mass of the European Pilgrimage,Father Fernandez told those present that the success of the Pilgrimage depends on everyone on it.Prayer is so important.It is wonderful to start the day with Holy Mass.He explained the importance of community prayers and also how praying alone in quiet prayer helps to build up the soul."It makes you stronger,more peaceful and happy"he told them.He also urged all to go at least once to confession during their time together."Be poor in spirit as the gospel tells us,Live simply and share with others"was his message to all.

During the Mass they also prayed for a newly ordained Priest,Father Clint Trahan who is to join them.He will be bringing a "quadraplegic pilgrim who is hoping for both spiritual and physical healing as they visit the different shrines.

During every Mass on the Pilgrimage all wear specially designed scapulars which show the different spiritual places they will visit. The pilgrimage takes place every year and they visit different places each time.
Herr Schropp,who regularly guides German pilgrims around the Basilica,welcomed the Pilgrims to Saint Mang after the Mass and told them a little about the Saints who are linked to the Basilica.

The group were then introduced to Frau Lily Neumaier-Aschenbrenner,the great grandniece of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos.

Frau Neumaier-Aschenbrenner has since 1964 been promoting the cause for canonization of her relative.
She has spoken in that time in over 24 countries,spreading the word about the love of Christ,that Blessed Seelos had.

Also on the Pilgrimage and visiting the shrine of Blessed Seelos for the first time was Joyce Bourgeois.
Joyce is the Administrator of the International Shrine of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos in New Orleans.
She told us she was visiting "By the grace of God".


Father Emmanuel Fernandez with his Godchild.Father Fernandez is the Spiritual Director of the Pilgrimage

The group have with them a relic of blessed Francis Xavier Seelos.We thank Susan Sternberg,a parishioner of St Mar'ys Assumption Church,New Orleans for allowing us to photograph her 1st class relic of Blessed Seelos.

After the group picture outside of St Mang Basilica,the group were invited to visit Frau  Neumaier-Aschenbrenner's house.Within the house she has a room on the 3rd floor which houses the family documents pertaining to her past relative.

Joyce Bourgeois,Director International Seelos Shrine,New Orleans(R) & her daughter,Christine who also works at the New Orleans Shrine,outside the house of Frau Lily  Neumaier-Aschenbrenner,one of the last surviving relatives of Blessed Seelos.Joyce told us that Christine is her "Seelos Miracle".Her daughter survived meningococcal Meningitis against all the odds that the doctors gave her thanks to the intervention of Blessed Seelos.

Inside the house of Frau Neumaier-Aschenbrenner

Frau Neumaier-Aschenbrenner gets the pilgrims to sign her guest book whilst she shows them the documents.Anyone can visit the family documents between 1600hrs-1800hrs on a Tuesday or Friday.
It is a very small room so normally a maximum of 12 people can go in there at a time.It is best to ring her or her secretary in advance  on  0049  (0)8362  7886.(Both can speak English)

The rest of the day the pilgrims were able to visit the Hohes Schloss(High Castle) which used to belong to the Prince-Bishops of Augsburg.(Photo below)

They also visited many other places in the city.

The Pilgrimage runs from  7th -22nd June.After their stay in Füssen the Pilgrimage moves to Altöting where they will spend two days before moving on to Cologne,Belgium,then France.Whilst in France they will visit the Shrine of St Bernadette of Lourdes in Nevers where her incorrupt body is on view.They finally finish up in Lourdes for the 150th Anniversary celebrations.They will also visit Dachau
Concentration Camp, and the Church Approved apparition sites of Beauraing  and Banneux
The organizer of the Pilgrimage,Bonnie Latidais told us that all on the Pilgrimage were looking for spiritual,physical or mental healing of some kind.A special healing service will be held as well.
We pray for them all as they travel around the Shrines.It good to know that they started here at the European Shrine of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos


We get many visitors searching for Father "Manny" Fernandes and they end up here.As a service to these visitors here is the latest information we have on his Healing Ministry

You can also contact him by phone or mail:

18534 LA HWY 689 (HENRY)

ERATH, LA  70533



A group of 27 American Pilögrims led by Father Hampton Davis and Father Curtis Mallet  arrived in Füssen on Sunday 4th October 2009.The two priests con-celebrated the 1030hrs Harvest Festival Mass in the Basilica of St Mang where Blessed Seelos was baptised 11th January 1919 the day of his birth.

They were leading a Pilgrimage for Magnificat Travel which is visiting  places in Austria,Switzerlans and Germany.As the group is from Louisiana it was only right that a visit to the German Shrine of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos would be on the itinery.

After Mass they gathered with Parish Priest of Füssen,Father Frank Deuring to have a group photo taken out side the Basilica beside the SEELOS DOOR.

The local paper sent George Rehm,who works in the Parish on social projects to cover the event for them.

After the group photo one of the guides of the Basilica,Eduard Schopp gave the group a tour of Füssen which included the Shrine,The baptistry where Blessed Seelos was baptised.
A young child was about to be baptised whilst the group were there and Deacon Fredl Hofmann who was conducting the Baptism told the group that this was the very Baptismal Font where Seelos was baptised.

They then were shown the house where he lived when his father became sacristan of St Mang Basilica.Moving on around the corner they were shown the former Benedictine  monastory of St Mang  which was closed in 1803 due to secularisation.It is now the City Town Hall!.They were shown the outside of the Holy Spirit Hospital Church before turning left into the road where Blessed Seelos was born.After viewing the house which moved many to silent prayer,they walked up the hill to the old St Sebastian Cemetary where the Parents and family of the Blessed are buried.

Following prayer led by Father Hampton Davis for the parents and family of Blessed Seelos and for all parents and families of those gathered,the group caught their bus to the local world famous castle of Neuschwanstein.


One of the pilgrims on the tour was Emile Simoneaux.He had been suffering an eye problem and had to undergo surgery.He took a third class Seelos relic in the operating threatre with him.Whilst undergoing the operation the whole theatre was suddenly  illuminated with light.The surgeon was so amased that Emile  was able to survive as the prognosis was so bad,He came to find out more about him.Emile's wife told us "It was a real miracle,they did not expect Emile to survive and he did due to Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos".


American Pilgrimage to Füssen 3rd July 2010

The above pilgrimage celebrated Mass in the Spitalkirche,Füssen at 1400hrs on 3rd July 2010.The previous day had been spent visiting the Passion Play in Oberammagau.Dispite the Mass being celebrated only 100 metres from the house where Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos was born,none of them had heard of this German/American Blessed.They were delighted to take the few English leaflets we had about him.More are  on the way from New Orleans in time for another Pilgrimage in September.


Pilgrims pray at the Seelos family grave
A group of American pilgrims visited the sites of interest & Shrine of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos in Füssen on the Feast of Corpus Christi 2010.Thanks to the suggestion of their Austrian Tour guide,Julia Woodwards,members of the  St. Bernadette American Volunteers under the Spiritual Direction of Father Matt McGinness left Salzburg early and travelled to Füssen.

Austrian Tour Guide,Julia Woodwards(Center),with the pilgrims outside the house where Blessed Seelos was born. Find her website at
It even has the photo above on it somewhere!

The "Seelos in Füssen" website was delighted to co-operate and take the pilgrims on a tour showing them the house where Seelos was born,his parents and families grave,the school he attended and Churches where he served Mass as well as where he lived when his father,Mang became sacristan of the Parish Church of St Mang.

On the Bridge over the River Lech after taking photos of the Basilica and former monastory
The pilgrims were delighted to visit the Shrine and see the font where Blessed Seelos was baptised.They move on to visit the world famous passion play in Oberammergau.Then next week they move to France to vist the Shrine of the Cure of Ars,St John Vianney, Patron Saint of Priests.

Group Photo outside St Mang Basilica with Father Matt Mc Ginness 2nd guy from the right.

They finish their pilgrimage of European shrines with 5 days in Lourdes where Our Blessed Lady appeared to St Bernadette.It was a real pleasure meeting them all and may they have a gracefilled Pilgrimage. 


It is hard to believe that until a few years ago there had never been an organised Pilgrimage from the United States to Füssen.2010 has been a boom year for them at least 10 have visited,mostly due to pilgrims booking to  go to the world famous Passion Play in Oberamagua.But what has been good is the number of pilgrimages that have come to Füssen because of it being the birthplace of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos.The last pilgrimage to visit Füssen was a small Franciscan Parish led by Father Barnabus.

They were very friendly and they visited on the Feast of the Archangels,Michael,Raphael and  Gabriel.It was an honour to be at the Holy Mass with them and so uplifting.

They were on of the few groups that didn't know about Blessed Seelos,but a couple on the pilgrimage were delighted to know about him as the husband is suffering fromm cancer.He was blessed with the 1st class Seelos relic and delighted to have learnt about him.



15th September saw yet another group of 43 Pilgrims from the United States visiting the birthplace of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos.They were given a tour of all the places that were related to Francis Xavier's life here in the city of Füssen.After the tour a short break was taken in one of the local Ice Cafes.It was just after this that some members of the pilgrimage tried to save the life of Franz,a German man who had fallen over in the street sustaining a head injury and cardiac arrest.Whilst an american nurse on the pilgrimage started resusitation via CPR an ambulance was called and others prayed for him.He was blessed with a 1st class Seelos relic as well as given the Sacrament of the Sick by one of the Pilgrimage Priests.He was still alive on enterring the ambulance.The pilgrimage Mass followed immediatly after and Franz and his wife were amongst the intentions prayed for by all.   


A group of 69 American pilgrims visited Füssen on Friday 10th September 2010.They were given a tour of all the places associated with Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos in Füssen.They saw the family grave,St Stephan's Franciscan Church,The house where he was born,the Spitalkirche,River Lech and Frau-Am-Berg Kirche(Our Lady of the Mountain Shrine),the school he attended as well as the house he lived in when his father was sacristan of St Mang Basilica.


Finally they toured the Basilica itself where they saw the baptismal font where Blessed Seelos was baptised as well as viewing the small Shrine to Blessed Seelos.All the pilgrims were delighted to be able to put their prayer requests in the box located in the Shrine area and to light a candle for their intercessions.Three priests celebrated Mass in honour of Blessed Seelos at 1800hrs.

The Priest's 2nd cousin giving her testamony at the beginning of Mass
At the beginning of Mass,the 2nd cousin of the Spiritual Director of the Pilgrimage gave her personal testamony of how Blessed Seelos had interceded for her and saved her from death.After Mass another 2nd cousin of the Priest who is a religious sister gave her witness of love for Our Mother,Mary in the form of a hip hop song.Two couples also received a special Blessing from one of the priests on the occasion of their Golden Wedding Anniversary.The pilgrims left the Basilica after Mass greatly uplifted by their experience.Next stop was Munich.The previous day they had all been thrilled by the Passion Play at Oberamagau.The Austrian tour guide,Julia W who is charge of the group of 69 American pilgrims had to rearrange the schedule of her tour as the group so wanted to visit Füssen and have Holy Mass celebrated in the very Church where Blessed Seelos was Baptised,Confirmed and made his 1st Confession and 1st Holy Communion.

The Priest's 2nd cousin(L) who is alive today due to the intercession of Blessed Seelos.
Origionally the group had planned to have Holy Mass celebrated at 1130hrs Saturday 11th September.The group was also able to enjoy some of the food and drink in the local Italien Ice Cafes in the middle of their tour.Over 8 groups of Pilgims have visited from the United States this year and the next group is due on Wednesday 15th September 2010.



The Redemptorist Pilgrims standing in front of the Shrine of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos after Holy Mass which was concelebrated  by Monsignor Arthur Bastress, Redemptorist Oblate & Father Daniel Francis C.Ss.R.

Thursday 12th May at 1530 hrs saw members of the Neumann Year Pilgrimage (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic): May 10-20, 2011 celebrating Holy Mass in St Mang Basilica.The Pilgrimage led by Spiritual Director,Father Daniel Francis C.Ss.R. and Monsignor Arthur Bastress,Oblate of the Most Holy Redeemer, were on the 2nd day of their pilgrimage which is tracing Redemptorist Saints and Blessed's in Germany;Austria and The Czech Republic.
Father Daniel was professed as a Redemptorist in 1985 and ordained in 1991.He is based in the Anapolis and is in charge of the Redemptorist Office for Mission Advancement.He preaches missions and days of renewal as well as retreats for priests,and religious communities.He is a specialist on the life of Saint John Neumann who has his 200th anniversary of birth this year.Monsignor Bastress is the pastor of St Alphonsus Church in Baltimore.The only Church in the world that if Blessed Seelos is canonised that will be able to claim "2 saints as former Parish Priests" according to Monsignor Bastress.In 2009 he was enrolled as an "Oblate of the Most Holy Redeemer by Auxilary Bishop,Denis J.Maden for all the work he had done in promoting the causes of Saint John Neumann and Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos as well as his work in restoring St Alphonsus.
With these two spiritual powerhouses leading the 21 pilgirims they explored Füssen and the birthplace of Francis Xavier Seelos.They visited the house where he was born,Franz Xavier Seelos Haus,which is the Parish Social centre,saw the house he lived in whilst his father was sacristan.They also saw the baptismal font where he was baptised the day of his birth.
Monsignor Bastress was spiritually moved in the Basilica and when he entered the sacristy he saw some old albs and immediately  asked if he could wear one of them.

Monsignor Arthur Bastress, Redemptorist Oblate(R) & Father Daniel Francis C.Ss.R.(L)
At the beginning of Mass he pointed   out that these were what priests wore in the time of Blessed Seelos. Monsignor Bastress preached the sermon and it was clear how moved he was to be in the same church "where his hero" was baptised.The pilgrimage is being blogged on the Baltimore Redemptorist website


We have had quiet a few pilgrimages from the United States of America in recent years visiting Füssen.However the Redemptorist Pilgrimage that came to the birthplace of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos on 12th May 2011 have discovered the Parish Social Centre!Seelos Haus is a bit off the beaten track.Most Seelos lovers visit the house where he was born,St Mang Basilica and see the house he lived in when his father was sacristan of the basilica.Then most pilgrimages do not have Dr.Robert L Worden showing them around!Dr Worden,author and archivist of St Mary's Church Annapolis had visited Füssen previously and given the then Parish Priest,Monsignor Karlheinz Knebel,on behalf of our parish,a copy of his book about St Mary's,which included a chapter on Blessed Seelos.Dr Worden tells us how he found Seelos Haus origionally."My Wife Norma and I spent 3 days in Füssen in October 2007.We actually did not meet the pastor when we presented the book, although it was passed on to him. We attended the Saturday evening Mass and met the assistant pastor, a Polish priest,(Father Kazimierz Piotrowski,former curate-ED) and Bruno, the sacristan, and one or two others (maybe the sacristan's son). They promised to pass the book on to the monsignor and in return, they gave me several booklets and postcards about Father Seelos and St. Mang's. As to the Franz Xaver Seelos Haus, we came upon it quite my happenstance. On our last morning in Füssen, we drove our automobile part way back into the old town and made a wrong turn into a little street. We found out was not leading us to where we wanted to go, so we turned the car around and drove back out and that is when we saw the beautiful mural of Blessed Seelos on the wall of a large building. This wrong turn was certainly a fortuitous mistake. We love that mural and have shown others our photos of it over the next few years. So when we returned to Füssen on May 12, after we visited the birthplace, I told our group there was another surprise to see... and my wife and I led them to the mural."

 They took photos and then returned to the United States after the pilgrimage.Then the questions began!They asked Father Byron Miller and his staff in the Seelos Center in New Orleans about the mural.Father Miller was in Füssen in 2002 and had not seen it.He asked us what we know about it.It has been there at least since 2006 when we came to Füssen.But what about its history?Prelate Karlheinz Knebel told us "The mural was painted by Otto Kobel of Seeg.He is famous for his work with the "Waal Passion Play" & in 1987  he produced "The mystery of the death of St Mang" play written by Arthur Maximilian Miller here in Füssen.Otto Kobel is also responsible for many religious works  of art which can be found in parishes throughout the area.The Mural in Füssen  is unfortunately not completed.It shows servers with Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos because the Altar servers from St Mang Basilica meet in the building once a week to play games and get to know each other better.As he worked in the southern States a coloured person was included in the mural to join other representatives of the immigrants and locals  who were in need of spiritual care. The completed mural should have shown Seelos when he lived in Füssen and also when he emigrated from Germany to the United States traveling via New York.



Look no further Julia Woodwards is your first choice!

Brunnenwasser 15

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European Organisation for Coach Travel

Find out more on her website!


Seelos in Füssen highly recommends her