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Our Lady of the Mountains Shrine- Füssen

Our Lady Of the Mountains Church( Frau am Berg Kirche)
Blessed Seelos had a great love of Our Blessed Lady. He often asked his sisters to go and pray for him at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Mountains.Letter contained in the book "Sincerely Seelos" The collected letters of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos edited by Carl Hoegerl C.Ss.R. mention the Shrine on page 69 ref 13. The Church can be found on the Tiroler Straße leading out of Füssen towards the Austrian border which is a kilometre away.
The original church was built in the middle ages around the 14th century and served the Leprosy hospital  which was built in 1300. It also had a cemetery attached to it where the lepers were buried.
 Older members of the congregation in Füssen remember when the "Via Claudia" was not such a wide road and that on the other side of the road were many houses and a Hospital for lepers.

Many people who walk past or drive past in the car wonder why there is the shape of a door which has been filled in in the centre of the Church but at least 2 metres above the road.

This was used by the lepers who crossed over a bridge to the church from the Leper Hospital . The bridge ,Hospital and Houses were bull-dosed in 1968 to make way for a bigger road to the border with Austria.
The organ in the Frau am Berg Kirche    Former Musical Director Albert Frey 
The organ in this church was built by Andreas Jäger. It was one of the last works he undertook. He died before it was completed and its thought that the organ was completed by Joseph Anton Weyrather from the Tirol.
The casing was built by Joseph Anton Obermiller
The organ has the registers Hohlflöte 8′, Gedackt 8′, Quintatön 8′, Gamba 8′, Prinzipal 4′, Mixture 1 ⁄ 3 ′, Subbass 16′ and a pedal coupler.
In 1682/83 the church was rebuilt by Master Builder, Johann Schmuzer from the Wessobrunner School of Baroque stucco-workers. The new church was opened in 1685. A new single barrel-vaulted nave with a west gallery was added by Johann Georg Fischer,Master Builder & Stonemason in 1735.
In the middle of the 19th century the Eastern outside end of the church was redesigned as a chapel to begin the Stations of the Cross which were erected by Father Johann Baptist Graf in 1840 to counteract his disapproval of Secularisation. The Church is a Protected Monument and Holy Mass is celebrated in it a few times each year.

In the past its position on the Via Claudia meant many pilgrims stayed overnight in the two large dormitories located in the roof space of the church.

Frau am Berg Kirche Füssen

Füssen Kalvarienberg

The path at the back of the Frau am Berg Kirche leads up to the Füssen Kalvarienberg(Calvary)

May be an image of tree and nature

Half way up this Chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Bavaria(Solemnity 1st May in all Bavarian Dioceses)

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