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St Peter & St Paul Shrine,Cumberland-Part of Our Lady of the Mountains Parish

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Founded in 1848 by Redemptorist Bishop John Neumann, who later became America’s first male saint, The Shrine of Saints Peter and Paul served the growing German Catholic population in Cumberland at the time.Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos served as Pastor of the Parish & Prefect for the students from 1857-1862. After the departure of the Redemptorists and then the Carmelite Friars, the Capuchin Franciscan Friars arrived in 1875 and have served The Shrine of Saints Peter and Paul Church since then.




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125 Fayette Street

Cumberland, Maryland 21502
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The Shrine of St Peter & St Paul in Cumberland is looking forward to at last having the statue of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos in the grotto within the Seelos Prayer Garden.

David and Paula Schoenadel told the members of the Save the Shrine of St Peter & Paul Facebook page    "Blessed Seelos statue update-We have scheduled a day next week for picking up the statue of Blessed Seelos from Wayman Scott of Baltimore,Md. Wayman is the artist who has sculpted the statue made specially for the grotto located at the Blessed Seelos Prayer Garden. It is one of its kind. When weather becomes more steadily favorable in the Spring, Blessed Seelos will be placed in his very own long awaited grotto. Plans are in the making for a dedication Blessing to take place after Blessed Seelos is placed in the grotto." 

The Shrine where Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos and Saint John Neumann served is celebrating its 175th Anniversary this year. Joe George the President of the board of directors of the Friends of the Shrine told us "Every 5 years the Archdiocese requires a formal inspection of Church facilities to do a condition assessment by an independent firm. The Friends of the Shrine paid $3,000 for an inspection by Bureau Veritas for the Archdiocese. All in all, for a 175 year old building, the 41 page report was favorable. There are 3 issues that we will be addressing:

1) window framings need repaired & painted. We have obtained an estimate from Hoyman Painting & they will do the work this Spring.
2) front wall next to the sidewalk by the front steps needs repaired, a stone replaced, & steps caulked. An estimate from Valley Masonry has been obtained & this work will also be contracted.
3) Exit signs in Church need upgrades. While not part of the inspection, we are also looking to improve the lighting bars for the main Altar. Estimates are being obtained.
We have budgeted $30,000 for the needed work to be done in 2023, as part of our 175th Anniversary, thanks to our donors generosity.
We are delivering on our goal to preserve & maintain the Shrine for future generations.
Friends of the Shrine of SS Peter & Paul
P.O. Box 1876, Cumberland, MD 21502
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Joe also wrote the following on the groups Facebook page "As we begin to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of the Shrine of SS Peter & Paul and work to raise an endowment fund to be able to preserve & maintain the Shrine for years to come, we sent a mailing to approximately 400 of faithful Shrine supporters in the past. Attached is a copy of the letter & tri fold brochure. Please click on the photo attachments to read more. Many have responded already. We don’t have all the addresses of the 1000 followers to the Save the Shrine Facebook page but each of you can help make a difference for the Shrines’ future. Any donation amount is appreciated. Some have donated $175 in honor of the Anniversary year. Please keep the Shrine & our Board in your prayers. Should you wish to make a donation you can mail it to:
Friends of the Shrine of SS Peter & Paul, P.O. Box 1876, Cumberland, MD 21502 or donate on line via our website How to Help Donate page:


Seelos in Füssen is pleased to bring you a breaking news story from the Shrine of Ss Peter & Paul, Cumberland. For over a year they have been trying to get a statue of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos for their prayer garden. Today on the Feast of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos it is finally finished

Photo Copyright Wayman Scott Artist Wayman Scott

The Prayer Garden Grotto where the statue will be placed.


​​​​​​​​​​Friends of the Shrine of Saints Peter and Paul

Friends of the Shrine of Saints Peter and Paul is  a 501c non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the Shrine of Saints Peter & Paul Church, located at 125 Fayette St., Cumberland, MD. Built in 1848, the church was Founded by St. John Newman and was served by Blessed Fr. Seelos. Originally, the Shrine of Saints Peter and Paul Church largely served the German-Catholic population in Cumberland.

Our Mission

  • Preserve, protect, and maintain the Shrine as a Catholic place of worship.

  • Raise $500,000 over a 5 year period and establish an endowment for Shrine Maintenance.

  • Promote pilgrimage, tourism, prayer, and the history of the Shrine.

  • Promote Catholic ideals, Missionary Discipleship, and Evangelization.

  • Promote the canonization of Blessed Fr. Seelos.

  • Promote dedication to the Blessed Mother Our Lady of the Mountains, SS Peter & Paul, St. Joseph, St. Francis of Assisi, St. John Neumann, St. Therese of the Little Flower, Blessed Fr. Seelos.

  • Recruit and train volunteers as guides for pilgrimage and tours and to provide security for extended opening hours at the Shrine.

  • Promote the history and impact of the German immigrants to the local Catholic community.

  • Establish a network of volunteers and experts for maintenance issues.

Video Tour of St Peter & St Paul Shrine Cumberland

Inside the Shrine


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Video Tour of the Outside St Peter & St Paul Shrine Cumberland

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St. Peter & Paul-Cumberland-The First 50 Years


Altar at the National Shrine of St John Neumann at St Peter the Apostle Catholic Church,1019N 5th Street,Philadelphia.John Neumann was responsible for building St Peter & St Paul,Cumberland and was the first Parish Priest with Father Francis Xavier Seelos as his Curate.

Photo Credit-kevps100 - Wikepedia

Origional Shrine of "Our Lady of the Mountains" in Füssen,Germany

Full Text & Photos of

"Fifty years of SS. Peter and Paul's Church at Cumberland, Md. 1848-1898."

Pages About Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos in above book

Seelos Grotto Cumberland

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Meet 43 year old African-American artist Wayman Scott from Baltimore,Maryland, U.S.A. He has agreed to help the Shrine of St Peter & St Paul in Cumberland to finally be able to place a statue in their Seelos Prayer Garden Grotto!(Photo below)

For nearly a year the grotto has been awaiting a statue, David & Paula Schoenadel told us "The mockup Blessed Seelos sculpture is underway. Wayman Scott out of Baltimore,Md has been very gracious in every way and has been working on the mockup sculpture for the Blessed Seelos grotto at the Blessed Seelos prayer garden. The mockup is completed first to see what edits and so forth are needed. He may change the book to a hand position to the chest. We have left this to his discretion as he would know what would hold up best over time. Friends of ours saw an article of Wayman in the Catholic review about a year ago. They passed the information on to us and we made contact through a Parish Priest and the author of the article in the Catholic review.

This original sculpture should be ready in July. Seelos in Füssen look forward to seeing the finished statue in the Seelos Prayer Garden Grotto.



David & Paula Schoenadel report from Cumberland- "Wayman is finishing up with the final sculpture of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos for the grotto in the Prayer Garden. He has a added the rosary which hangs from the cincture.

He says he is thankful for the opportunity to be able to do this and learn more about Blessed Seelos. He believes he is a Saint we need in this day amd age of a world recovering from a pandemic!He says he is such a humble and pious priest giving his life to care for those during the yellow fever outbreak.He said it was an honour building it.

The next steps are

1)Dry for at least 4 weeks. 2)Bisque-First firing. 3)Glaze-Second firing. "

Thank you Wayman for your excellent work on this very special sculptor for the Prayer Garden at SSPP Shrine.

Many thanks to Joe & Maggie Sank who read about Wayman in the Catholic Review when an artist was needed.This was perfect timing-Prayers answered!

Archdiocese of Baltimore Celebrates Cannonization of St John Neumann


Shrine of St Peter & St Paul Cumberland Maryland USA

The Shrine of SS Peter and Paul in Cumberland, Maryland

SS Peter & Paul Cemetery Cumberland

Bells of the Shrine of St Peter & St Paul

Prayer Garden Stations of the Cross

Info About "The Friends of the Shrine"

Frank Fleckenstein’s performance of “The Hallelujah Chorus”. He has served the Shrine for more than 60 years.

Short Excert The Christmas Concert at the Shrine 2019

Contact The Friends of the Shrine of St Peter & St Paul Cumberland

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We Want You-Help Needed!
Next year, 2023, will be the 175th Anniversary of the Shrine of SS Peter & Paul, Cumberland, MD. The cornerstone was dated June 3, 1848. The cornerstone was placed and the Church blessed on July 4, 1848. The Church was dedicated on September 23, 1849.
We’d like to celebrate! We need to formulate a committee to plan & coordinate a celebration. If you’d like to help & be a part of the committee please comment below, send me a private message, email us at:
Or speak with one of our Board of Directors.

Photo Credit-Joe George  Cumberland

St Peter & St Paul,Cumberland Celebrate Canonisation of St John Nepomucene Neuman-Founder of the Church

The following article appeared in the

May 27,1977

Cumberland Seelos/St John Neumann article 1965-Sunday Times



125th Anniversary St Peter & St Paul Cumberland Press Cutting

Fridays in Lent at the Shrine

Paintings by Dr.Miriam Rosenthal-English

During each Friday in Lent the Shrine will be open in the afternoons (Friday’s only) 2:30-4pm for prayerful reflection. If you miss the Stations of the Cross done by OLM that day, you can stop by the Shrine and say them yourself privately. At 3 pm each Friday in Lent, we will recite the Divine Mercy Chaplet at the Shrine. Please come join us & help prepare for the coming of the Lord.

The House in Lonaconing Where St John Neumann Celebrated Mass

Whilst serving at St Peter & St Paul Church in Cumberland, St John Neumann would often make a 16 mile trip to Lonaconing where there lived a small group of German Families. He celebrated in Mass in this stone house in Knapps Meadow Lonaconing where mass was held by the Redemptorists before there was a Church established in the area.

Photo Credit: David & Paula Schoenadel  Cumberland

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