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Claudia Rosenthal-English Seelos Presentation in German for which she received a 1/A grade


About the Presentation

My daughter was very down when she was on her way to school to get the subject for her presentation. She was moaning that all the good subjects had come out the day before. I told her I would pray she gets a good subject and had a premonition that it would be good if she got something to do with Blessed Seelos! The first card she picked out was 

Above in slideshow format is the project she presented and got a 1/A grade for MINUS the video of her touring the places below and her explanation of the presentation which we hope to persuade her to allow us to use later!

St Mang Basilica,Seelos Shrine and Baptismal Font where Seelos was baptised.

Street and house where he was born

My daughter also showed the two teachers assessing her the following items, A First Class relic of Blessed Seelos containing a fragment of bone from the saint.Also a certificate in Latin showing it to be truly a bone fragment of Blessed Seelos. A second and third class relic of Blessed seelos. A Seelos Rosary which is also a second class relic.A black wooden cruxifix with silver coloured corpus which was touched to Father Seelos origional Mission Cruxifix and to a rare packet containing a clipping of his hair that was preserved at the time of his death in 1867.Process makes this a third class relic.4 Seelos prayer cards and a 3D wooden copy of the banner which was displayed in the Vatican during his Beatification and which is draped  at the rear of St Mary`Assumption Church, New Orleans at all Seelos Healing Masses and His Birthday Mass.(Photo below)